Concept: Vancouver Mime Festival

Mime performances are often inspired by black humour. However, the goal of this project was to create a brochure to promote the Vancouver Mime Festival, which explores the playful side of mime.

While bodily gestures are the only “lines” in a mime performance, the hands, arms, and legs of mime performers tell the story to the audiences; this was the meaning behind the concept “Everybody Tells a Story”.

To attract a younger market, this brochure used miscellaneous collages of cut-out body parts, torn paper and playful hand-done illustrations. Every piece of the collages represented a major scene of the performances—the only differences among the “performers” were the wacky hands and the hilarious toes. Typeface that looks handwritten was also used in the brochure, which helped not only to break the serious and traditional look of mime event advertising, but also to attract a younger audience group. The colours used in the brochure were cold pastels, which brought a quaint and comical look to the design.


Brochure, Illustration