40 Days 40 Nights Tattoo

40 Days 40 Nights Tattoo is a Vancouver-based tattoo studio operated by a young, passionate tattoo artist. For promoting the studio, a new logo was needed.

The client believes good and evil are just ink in tattoos, just as with day and night, there isn’t a clear boundary between truly bright and truly dark; this lent to the concept “The Alternation of Day and Night”.

Client wanted to break the stereotypical thinking that tattoos are limited to the images of flame, skulls, old-school dragons or flowers; he wanted to let people know that tattoos can also be simple and classy. So the new logo for the studio had been created with a clean and contemporary look — black sun with two crossing tattoo guns. The black sun represents the idea of day and night, and solar eclipse, delivering the message that bright and dark are integrated; at the same time, black and white had also been chosen as the identity colour of the studio.




40 Days 40 Nights Tattoo